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Elsyca NV (ELS)

Wijgmaal, Belgium

Elsyca is a research & engineering partner in the discipline of corrosion prevention and surface finishing for the advanced manufacturing industry as well as the energy & utilities industry. With a unique combination of proprietary design & simulation technology, innovative product solutions, and years of engineering expertise, Elsyca assists its customers in electrochemical process optimization, cathodic protection design, and corrosion modeling. Elsyca’s expertise is applied during product design, in manufacturing, as well as in operation, and translates into tangible benefits for its customer: increased safety, better products, faster to market, substantial cost savings, investment protection, and reduced total cost of ownership.

Elsyca’s key industries are:

  • the oil & gas industry and offshore industry for cathodic protection design and retrofits

  • the automotive, aerospace, and other mechanical industries for decorative and functional electroplating, for electro-coating and for corrosion modeling

  • (micro-)electronics industry for process optimization wrt copper deposition on PCBs

Elsyca targets these markets with a unique and high level of electrochemical expertise equal to more than 100 man-years of development. This experience was gained through a close R&D collaboration with the “Vrije Universiteit Brussel” (ETEC) and the “von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics”.



Chinmay Pardeshi

PhD Student

Bart Bossche.jpg

Bart van den Bossche

Dr. Ir.

Key persons

  • Dr. Bart Van den Bossche – Engineering Manager – Research Manager


Elsyca NV
Jean-Marc Dewilde
Vaartdijk 3 Bus 603
3018 Wijgmaal




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