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Bruno Ribeiro

PhD Student


I am a PhD-student working at Lima, a worldwide supplier of orthopaedic implants, located in Villanova di S. Danielle, Italy. I began working here in June 2018. I am a Biomedical Engineer specialized in biological risks and healthcare management. Right now I am working on the development of antibacterial coatings for orthopaedic implants. The main purpose of the project is to combine the antibacterial action of the coating with corrosion resistance, without hinder osteointegration of the implant. This project is an oportunity that combines the biological and materials science fields of biomedical engineering, constituting a unique to further specialize myself in my formation area.


Career Details

Industrial PhD Student, Lima Corporate, Italy


Working on corrosion resistance and antibacterial coatings for orthopaedic implants

Heidelberg University

Internship in cancer research

Master's degree in Biomedical engineering

Specialization in Clinical Engineering

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