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Ingrid Milošev

Prof. , PhD in Chemistry

Ingrid Milosev.jpg

Prof. Milošev’s research topic is corrosion protection of metal surfaces exposed to corrosive environments, e.g. sea water (marine corrosion), human body (biocorrosion), corrosion in transportation industry, etc. Methods of interest include: (i) corrosion inhibitors, (ii) sol-gel coatings, (iii) conversion coatings based on rare earth salts or (iv) metal fluorides and (v) inorganic coatings. Surfaces may be modified by self-assembling from aqueous or organic solution, or by coating deposition using spin- or dip-coater deposition and atomic layer deposition (ALD). As substrates, various technological alloys (Al-, Cu-, Fe-alloys, etc) and biomedical alloys (Ti-, Co-, Fe-alloys) are of interest. Characterization and testing comprises electrochemical and surface analytical techniques and standardized corrosion testing.

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