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Tekniska Högskolan i Jönköping AB (JTH)

Jönköping, Sweden

Research and third-cycle education at JTH are targeted at Industrial product realisation in cooperation especially with small and medium-sized enterprises. Research takes place in collaboration with companies, research institutes and other university. The research at the department for Materials and Manufacturing is focused on four main areas, related to cast iron and other Fe alloys, Al and light alloys, surface technology and simulation and optimization. The research approach is focused on the relationship between design, manufacturing process, microstructure and final properties from mechanism to industrial application.
The department today consists of 35 researchers and PhD students with background in material science and engineering, chemistry, mechanics and physics. The work environment is international and multicultural.



Salil Sainis

PhD Student


Caterina Zanella

Associate Professor

Key persons

Assoc. prof. Caterina Zanella – Research advisor for the Materials and manufacturing department, coordinator for the research in Surface technology


Materials and Manufacturing department
School of Engineering, Jönköping University
PO Box 1026
55111 Jonkoping Sweden




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