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RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)

Borås, Sweden

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden is a national non-profit R&D organisation providing leading competence in development and evaluation of technologies, material, products and processes to meet customer’s needs and provide an effective link between research and commercialisation. Through interdisciplinary innovation RISE increases industrial competitiveness, improves public safety, supports environmental protection, and promotes sustainable development. The Department for Electronics has long experience in reliability evaluation and surface technology for electric and electronics components and systems including electrochemical energy conversion systems. RISE has comprehensive laboratory facilities for environmental durability testing, materials analysis and pilot scale testing of energy conversion systems. RISE is experienced in participating in and leading European R&D projects as well as being host for industrial PhD students. The PhD student will be integrated in our fuel cell and battery research activities covering reliability from cell to module level under relevant conditions.



Live Mølmen

PhD Student

Peter Leisner.jpg

Peter Leisner

Professor Dr. 

Key persons

  • Prof. Peter Leisner – broad experience in applied electrochemistry covering electroplating, corrosion and electrochemical energy conversion

  • Dr. Lars Fast – expert in measurement technology


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Electronics Department
Prof. Peter Leisner
Brinellgatan 4
50115 Boras




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