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Corrosion - uniting people

I always wanted to do something important for society, but even in my dreams I couldn’t imagine that I would end up working in corrosion science. Sometimes life has its own plans for us. That was in my case. To be honest, I had some thoughts or dreams deeply inside myself, but never gave them a chance before I applied in mCBEEs project.

All our mCBEEs members are from different countries, cultures, scientific background, but we are connected, we are like family. We are always waiting for the next meeting and try to spend as much time together as it is possible. We’re making jokes and supporting each other when it’s necessary.

Knowingly, our project have financial support from the Horizon 2020. Just to open more and more horizons in scientific and personal life. The project gives us opportunities to collaborate with the best research centers in our field. Work with well-known professors, who shares their knowledge and working experience during our training meetings as well as during secondments or conferences, (you could see some of the pictures from those events in previous blog posts or following our Facebook page

During our last training meeting, we had a great opportunity to have long-term discussions about ours research results. Each ESR had 15 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for questions and suggestions from professors and other students. That really gave us a huge amount of feedback and ideas for further research.

We enjoyed our time after lectures exploring Barcelona. We got the inspiration from incredible buildings by the great architect Antonio Gaudi and the unique atmosphere of the city. We’re looking forward for our next meetings and to explore different fields of science and get new skills as well as spend some time together.

This year promises to be the most intensive for myself in the project. When writing this post I have already started my secondment in Jönköping University. The opportunity that we have during secondment is to apply those techniques we cannot do in our universities. In my case, this is surface analyzes such as AFM, SEM and FIB. This will help me to better understand the corrosion mechanism of the magnesium alloys coated with chitosan based coatings that I am working with. It will also help me to study the morphology of my coatings.

It is always challenging to have many targets and tasks and being limited in time. Even if I have a short stay in Sweden, I have opportunity to work in an experienced international group of scientists. They help me and teach me how to work with new equipment and sharing amazing “Fika” traditions. Also after working time, I enjoy incredible views of bright evening city.

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