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Training Schools

1st mCBEEs training school – DELFT, The Netherlands – 15-20/07/2018

July 15, 2018- July 20, 2018

We announce the 1st mCBEEs training school “Fundamentals of electrochemistry and corrosion mechanisms” to be held at Delft (The Netherlands) from July 15th  to July 20th 2018.

The training school is addressed both to the PhD students recruited in the frame of mCBEEs and to external PhD students working in the field of corrosion.




Prof. F. Andreatta – University of Udine (Italy)

Prof. F. Deflorian – University of Trento (Italy)

Prof. L. Fedrizzi – University of Udine (Italy)

Dr. A. Franczak – Elsyca NV (Belgium)

Dr. Y. Gonzalez – Garcia – Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)

Dr. M. Lekka – University of Udine (Italy)

Prof. Ch. Leygraf – Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)

Prof. C. Zanella – Jonkoping University (Sweden)


Deadline for registration is July 1, 2018

Thanks for registering!

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