Training Schools

Fundamentals of Corrosion Protection and Coatings Production

3rd training event - Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia 

June 24-29, 2019

We  announce the 3rd mCBEEs training event “Fundamentals of Corrosion Protection and Coatings Production” to be held at Jožef Stefan Institute at Ljubljana (Slovenia) from June 24th to June 29th 2019.


The training school is addressed both to the PhD students recruited in the frame of mCBEEs and to external PhD students.























Ass. Prof. Anca Cojocaru, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania

Dr. Michele Fedel, Università di Trento, Italy         

Dr. Eva Garcia-Lecina, CIDETEC, Spain        

Dr. Maria Lekka, Università degli studi di Udine, Italy       

Prof. Dr. Barbara Malič, Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia    

Dr. Peter Rodič, Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia      

Prof. Mustafa Urgen, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Ass. Prof. Caterina Zanella, Jönköping University, Sweden




Registration fee: 500 €


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Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI)

Jamova 39





PHONE: 00386 1 477 39 00


You can find some information about how to reach Ljubljana here:


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