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Work Package 6

Development of corrosion resistant micro- and nanoelectronic devices

Lead Beneficiary: MAGNES

Involved Partners: MAG, TUD, UPB, JTH, CIDETEC, JSI, UNITN

Objectives: Improvement of the corrosion resistance of micro- and nanoelectronic devices including electronic boards and in particular solder regions, ferromagnetic microparts for MEMS and electrodes (i.e.: W-, TiN-, Pt-based). The corrosion phenomena on real electronic devices will be studied in WP2 and protective coatings will be developed in WP4. In WP6 corrosion resistant ferromagnetic microparts for MEMS will be produced and different types of coatings will be applied on selected micro- and nanodevices by down-scaling the production methods described in WP4. In particular Ni and Sn alloy coatings, chemical passivation treatments and ALD films will be applied on real devices. The coated devices will be tested in order to evaluate the corrosion protection imparted by the coatings and to ensure that the presence of the coatings does not perturb the functional properties of the devices.

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