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Akademia Gorniczo-Hutnicza Im. Stanislawa Staszica W Krakowie (AGH)

Krakow, Poland

AGH University of Science and Technology is one of the biggest technical universities in Poland. The university conducts many research projects, including those covered by the EU Framework Programmes, Interreg, COST, EUREKA, SAVE, ALTENER, CULTURE 2000, DESY, and CERN. Research activity of Faculty of Foundry Engineering is focused on the casting of different alloys and their micro structural and mechanical characteristic. Department of Chemistry  and Corrosion of Metals dealing studies of mechanisms of corrosion of cast alloys and corrosion protection. This group has experience in application of local electrochemical techniques for corrosion research. Production of nanoparticles by means of chemical and electrochemical methods and characteristic of materials, coatings by spectroscopic techniques.



Iryna Kozina

PhD Student

halina krawiec.jpg

Halina Krawiec


Key persons

  • Prof. Halina Krawiec – leader for corrosion processes especially at the microscale and corrosion protection

  • Dr. Maria Starowicz – leader for production of nanomaterials and modification of surface layers and coatings


AGH University of Science and Technology
Faculty of Foundry Engineering
Prof. Halina Krawiec
Reymonta 23
30059 Krakow




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