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Adventure of a PhD student- Attending the biggest corrosion conference in Europe EUROCORR 2019!

Can you imagine a conference which brings together more than 1300 researcher? EUROCORR is an emblematic event of the international corrosion community and this year I had the opportunity to attended and participate in it. EUROCORR 2019 was held in the amazing city of Seville, Spain where researchers from all around the word had the chance to present and discuss their findings during the five days of the event from 9th to 13th of September.

In addition to the regular conference activities, I also attended a scientific dissemination workshop in order to improve my communication skills. As a researcher, I think it's very important to know how to communicate your findings to the audience. At the workshop, I learned that even If you have impressive results it's essential to present them in a way that captivate and engages the audience. I left the class with a clear message “keeping it simple”.

I was very excited to present my research about the anti-corrosive properties of the electrodeposited coatings of NiSn and NiSn-reduced graphene oxide composite at a huge conference. I had the change to exchange ideas with experts in the field and I got a lot of questions from researchers who were interested in my work. Also, it was a good opportunity to see the PhD students from the mCBEEs project and their supervisors all together in a such a big event.

What is unique about this conference is the vast range of sessions one can attend from corrosion in metallic coatings to nuclear corrosion. A lot of interesting topics were presented, all of them with a main objective of study: corrosion.

It was a privilege to attend the young European Federation of Corrosion (EFC) meeting where professors and experienced researchers gave inspiring speeches. As a mentee in the EFC Mentoring Program I had the good fortune to meet my mentor Prof. Jinshan Pan from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in person.

During the evening a diversity of social activities were organized. We walked around on the beautiful streets of Seville and we visited the impressive cathedral of Seville where we experienced an organ concert.

Attending this conference has been a highlight event of my PhD because I had the opportunity to meet researchers which are interested in the same topic as me corrosion. I’m looking forward to the next EUROCORR conference in Brussel in 2020 where mCBEEs students will have a dedicated session.

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